I am a Brit living in Southern California since 1980.

In approaching retirement from the business world with great trepidation and with visions of a future sitting on the couch watching TV and eating chocolate I instead decided to explore my artistic side (I still eat chocolate). 

One of the most rewarding outcomes is that back in 2010 I found I really like painting with watercolors and then in late 2013 I started making custom crochet dolls, and in my spare time I sew, create art cards and masks, garden and anything else that takes my fancy.

 So, in retirement I find I am having a ball! Enjoy my site.......and if you have questions please use the contact form to email me. You can also find me on Etsy

Also - some of my friend's pages, Amgurami Creatures and CJ's Safari........


Check out my new page where BFF Susan Baker is showcasing her talent for crochet creations.  You can contact Susan directly HERE.

**JUST ADDED**  CJ's Safari

I am featuring the work of my beautiful and hugely talented daughter-in-law, Carol McAlester  and
her recently launched website CJSSAFARI.COM.  To view a sample of her artwork click HERE.